Planning Ventures has secured full planning permission for the partial demolition and remodelling of St Brendan’s Warehouse, one of Nisbet PLCs three warehouses in Avonmouth.

Prior to the submission of the planning application the design team went through a pre app process with Bristol City Council to determine the acceptability of the proposal, the design philosophy and determine any additional information requirements. A stakeholder consultation event was held, facilitated by Avril Baker of The Avril Baker Consultancy. As part of the process we submitted a request for a Screening Opinion for an Environmental Impact Assessment for the demolition and partial re-development of the site.

The full planning application sought the partial demolition of 3240 sq.m GEA, of the original 1950s warehouse and the re-development of 4257 sq.m GEA of new floorspace containing a large trade counter, office floorspace and new warehouse floorspace.

Designed by Wotton Donoghue Architects the building will be recladd and remodelled to provide a dynamic and exciting 21st century warehouse. In conjunction with input from Transport Planning Associates parking provision on site has been increased, the site’s circulation system has been altered and a new access created from the eastern section of the site from St. Brendan’s Way. Melin Consultants dealt with the sustainability issues, with the scheme achieving a BREEAM rating of Very Good and incorporating a solar PV array. Clive Onions provided the input for flood risk and SUDs. Clarke Webb assessed the ecological value of the site alongside Hillside Trees arbouricultural assessment of the trees both within and immediately adjacent to the site.

The application was determined under officers delegated powers and was subject to the completion of a Unilateral Undertaking, which was dealt with by Polly Reynolds of Temple Bright LLP.