October 31, 2023By Lyn JonesAdventures in Planning, How To, Policy, Update

Despite a temporary Government stall on the roll out of the requirement for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) with new development, it’s almost inevitably coming at us in one form or another. In a bid to get our heads around what it means for our clients and projects, we recently caught up with Sarah Curnow of Planning, Environment … Read More

HOW TO DO: HMO Developments

July 8, 2023By Lyn JonesAdventures in Planning, Applications, How To, Residential

Over the past few years, we’ve had a real flurry of queries concerning HMO developments (Houses in Multiple Occupation), including an illuminating appeal experience in Bristol very recently. Whilst they often (and sometimes deservedly) get bad press, HMO’s represent a very valid component of the housing market when managed professionally and effectively. Where else can … Read More

HOW TO DO: Deal with Delays

March 28, 2023By Lyn JonesAdventures in Planning, Appeals, Applications, How To

Have you struggled recently to move your application forward, foundered at registration stage with no case officer allocated for months or stalled in the early phases of consultation? We freely admit we have. Through no fault of their own, brutal budget cuts and post-covid application surges have left many LPA’s with mountains of cases to … Read More

HOW TO DO: An Effective Pre-App

February 7, 2023By Lyn JonesAdventures in Planning, Applications, How To

With central Government policy turnabouts, cuts in LPA resources and endless delays in decision making, you might be forgiven for believing that the Planning system is currently only worth engaging with on the barest essential level i.e. through the formal application process. Pre-application enquiries (or pre-apps) certainly aren’t a priority today for many of the … Read More

Goodbye 2022 Hello 2023

December 7, 2022By Julie LamingAdventures in Planning, Blog

Well, what a year it’s been, both professionally and personally. We don’t often find time to reflect on achievements, and we rarely, if ever, pat ourselves on the back. So for our annual December round-up, we thought we’d shine a festive light on some of our sparklers from 2022. Hope you enjoy:

Tree Travels

August 31, 2022By Lyn JonesAdventures in Planning, Blog, Health and Wellbeing, Residential, Rural

On our theme this year of all things green and sustainable, Michele Lavelle of 4D Landscape Design followed up a fascinating chat we had with her over the sourcing, journey and lifespan of trees transplanted ‘to order’. Her thoughts about the sustainability and longevity of imported species yet the vulnerability of some own-grown native trees … Read More

Jane Jacobs: The ingredients for creating great places

May 17, 2022By Lyn JonesAdventures in Planning, Blog, Heritage

Following on from a Jane Jacobs inspired walk for the RTPI that Jules recently led for Bristol’s Young Planners, and as part of our 2022 ‘sustainability’ theme, it seemed a good opportunity to consider what makes a place ‘sustainable’ in the wider sense. Not just from an environmental perspective, but what makes a successful place tick, how it works, how it evolves and thrives. 

Old Orchards

February 15, 2022By Lyn JonesAdventures in Planning, Blog, Heritage

On our theme this year of looking at biodiversity, environmental protection and sustainability issues within the English planning system, Jane Fowles and Georgina Harvey of Novell Tullett Landscape Architects shared their thoughts with us about the beauty, history and fragility of Old Orchards. Their take on these unique landscape features completely encapsulates why we should uphold landscape policy designations…

Green Assets

January 13, 2022By Julie LamingAdventures in Planning, Applications, Residential

Happy New Year, let’s hope it’s a good one. With a refreshed vigour for prioritising the climate crisis throughout our work, we’re going to use the year ahead to look at areas of the English planning system that support biodiversity, environmental protection and sustainability. So for our first blog offering of 2022, we take a … Read More