Positive Purposeful Planning

March 9, 2021By Julie LamingAdventures in Planning, Blog

The Planning profession is an ever changing beast. Always under review and alteration. Constantly vilified for being too slow, too fast, too restrictive, not restrictive enough, too bureaucratic, too full of NIMBY’s, and so the list goes on….. In the midst of all the competing views of Planning as both a process and a profession, … Read More

2021 – five and five

January 7, 2021By Julie LamingAdventures in Planning, Blog, Update

Welcome to 2021, never have we been so pleased to embrace a new year. Whoever would have imagined when we introduced our Planning Ventures manifesto back in January 2020, that the 12 months would have played out in such a challenging way, and been a real test of those pledges.  As everyone, we’re desperate to … Read More

6 Do the Bristol Bridges

February 15, 2020By Julie LamingCharity

This Spring, we’re planning a sunrise-to-sunset 28 mile walk across all of Bristol’s bridges, following the Bristol Civic society route . It’s more of an awareness-raiser, so look out for us in our orange t-shirts and come and step-in for a mile or two as we pound the city streets. We’ve got an art auction … Read More

Wonderful Women

January 2, 2020By Julie LamingCharity

We’ve recently been invited to join a business womens network for One25, headed up by their CEO and aimed at leveraging more support from the Bristol business community. We’re really keen to see how this group evolves and to explore what support we can enlist from our colleagues in the development industry.

Context – What is it good for?

October 23, 2019By Julie LamingAdventures in Planning, Design, Heritage, How To

‘Context’ is a design-related concept that we usually associate with heritage development. But it shouldn’t just be limited to schemes for listed buildings, non-designated heritage assets and development in Conservation Areas.  ‘Context’ is just as important, relevant and integral to creating great design anywhere. A good understanding of ‘Context’ enables the creation of an honest … Read More

The Flavour of Peony Event

September 25, 2019By Julie LamingCharity

Late summer 2019 we were privileged to attend an evening of poetry and food at Spike Island in Bristol, hosted by some of the Bristol women who have benefited from the charity. One25’s Peony service runs community-based therapies and life-skills activities for those who are ready to move on from multiple disadvantages, and is central … Read More

6 Do one25

June 3, 2019By Julie LamingCharity

In May 2019, we took on the MyOne25 challenge, and mobilised a team of our favourite Bristol business women (Polly Reynolds of Temple Bright LLP, Carys Tait from Carys Ink, Claire Hillier-Brown of Planning Developments and Eleanor Wright of social media agency Soello) to complete more than 125 miles each throughout the month. We developed … Read More

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (to your Planning Permission)

February 27, 2019By Julie LamingAdventures in Planning, How To

Hooray you’ve secured your planning permission; it’s in the bag, and the celebrations done and dusted. You’re building out the approved scheme but now, in the immortal words of the late, great David Bowie, you want to make some “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”. Whether big, small, complex or straightforward, you’ll need to formalise these because your development can … Read More